Dog Does Disco in Wonderland 2013

I never though that this event gonna be held again after I saw the print ad in Central Park. This event has been held last year and you can read it in my previous blog. This event must be very success last year, then they held it again in April 28th 2013, Sunday and I think it’s gonna be a routine event in Central Park.

This “Dog Does Disco” event is a special event for Dogs to show off, join competitions, adoption etc.This year they gave a theme “Dog Does Disco in Wonderland” I think it’s cute. There’s some special booths for food and beverages, dog costumes and accessories. This year featuring Project Pop as entertainment performance. Limited for entry.


A lot of people bring their lovely buddies here. We are as  visitor and dog lovers in the mall also happy to see various dogs in different breeds, sizes, grooms, costumes etc. They’re so cute. The dogs are the celebrities, I want to see them, I want to take pictures with them, I want to hug them.. so lovely, so fluffy.. I always smile when I see cute dogs running around, especially when I saw Mini Pomeranian, they’re like round fur ball. Husky always be my favorite superstar, Thanks to Victor. He came and took a very nice picture of me and Husky.


183 ME & DOGGY

My favorite dog Siberian Husky.. sooo adorable !!

184 ME & HUSKY 1

185 ME & HUSKY 2

Although this is event is special for Dogs, but we met some people brought their own lovely pet like Porcupine and Sugar Glider. They’re also cute and almost stole the spotlight, haha. I’ve tried to touch the porcupine, scary.. the spiky needle fur feels like I’m touching a pile of toothpicks. It will bloom its spiky fur if panic and it’s hurt.. Sugar Glider is a tiny mini squirrel-like, they’re very close to their master. Hugging their master hand or climb around their body. Cute!



I think this is a very nice event.. hopefully next year will be held again. I love it.

A Boy in Malaysia (Part X)

30th September 2012, Thursday

Now it’s just me and abang again. Anthony is at Jakarta and Koko is working. This is the day before tomorrow.. Tomorrow is the last day T^T. Abang asked me what I wanna do and where I wanna go ? Like I said before, KLCC Twin Tower is my favorite spot in KL, and I love to have a photoshoot of it at night. I think it’s gonna be super awesome. He agreed, and planned the schedule.

First, we’re having breakfast at a bread or pastry shop, Levain, boulangerie – patisserie. It is a VERY NICE PLACE! I love it! Kinda like French atmosphere shop. Clean, simple and minimalist. The bread (pastry) are delicious. We bought 6 ot 7 breads and share it together. I also order spagetti carbonara, yummy!


After that we go to KLCC. Now let’s the photoshoot begin! It’s daylight, kinda hot, but the lighting is good. Every single photoshoot are nice. I love to make the jumping photo and abang really know the timing to shoot. I love all the photo. Abang, you are a great photographer. 


Now, I’m exhausted.. we’re going inside KLCC. Abang asked which place I’d like to go, he gave me 2 options: 1. Aquaria, an aquatic adventure in the city centre ot 2. Shopping at Bukit Bintang. I chose Aquaria for sure, he smiled and said “yeah, tourist..” haha. Aquaria is in KLCC. So we have to walk along the underground passage. We’re here. Wow! It’s interesting. It’s like Sea World at Ancol, Jakarta. But I think Aquaria is more bigger than Sea World. Before we go inside, there’s a photobooth, yeay! Snap! Tee-Hee..

All right, this is super amazing.. It’s big, there’s a lot of exhibition here. Fish, Snake, Crocodile, Crab, Water Mouse (They are very big, looks like beaver), Butterfly, Shark, Turtle, Jellyfish etc. I always love a place like this, I love animals (except lizards and mosquitoes). We took a lot of picture here. Feels like in the sea, deep blue sea.






Finished touring the Aquaria, now we’re going to Bukit Bintang, a shopping district. We’re hungry. Abang took me to T-Bowl (if I’m not wrong, kinda forget), I think I’ve heard it before from my colleague, It’s a restaurant with toilet interior and design. They used toilet bin as the seat. The food also serves in the customised mini toilet bowl. If you order ice cream, you’ll get what I mean, haha.. But the food and beverage are delicious! We also played Citadel here, I lost again ?? He can read my mind! We walked and browsing the stores, finally I bought 2 T-shirt (Black and White) with “I love KL” signature. I think it is nice to wears it and takes some pictures with KL’s signature city icon, the KLCC Twin tower, isn’t it?

146 T BOWL

We went to Pavilion Mall again. We saw a big Malaysia wallpaper, tomorrow is Malaysia National day, It’s a public holiday. We took a picture of salutation of Malaysia. It’s nice, I love the vivid colors. Feel a little bit tired and hungry again, we rest and ate early dinner at Madam Kwan (?) and play Citadel again, while waiting the night and the sky getting darker.



OK! It’s time! We’re going to the nicest spot for KLCC nite photoshoot. I wore the Black shirt, I LOVE KL!! And I jumped and cartwheel! It’s like a dream come true.. Love this moment and the photo. Amazing!




We’re back to the apartment and pick up Koko for dinner. He took us to the Northern Malaysia Food Restaurant. Northern Malaysia is kinda near Thailand, so the food also kinda authentic and Thai-styled. The waitress also wrote our order by using the Thai language that we couldn’t read. The food is good, I like the prawns.


Desserts? YES! It’s DURIAN! But it’s really expensive !! We bought 1 high quality Durian and sharing. Mmm delicious!


Full day !!! I walked, eat, shopping, photoshoot… ahh I don’t wanna go home….


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Benny & Dewi Casual Pre Wedding Photo

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This is the 2nd Pre Wedding album / slideshow of my brother (Benny) and his wife (Dewi). This time they used casual attire and photographed by their friend, Herry. They chose yellow shirt and short pants which I think is a good choice, Yellow is a bright color with a happy mood, all the photo seem very vibrant and cheerful. They look more relax, a lot of emotions ( I love it) and natural expressions + gestures + poses.

They took a different places such as restaurant, park, temple, car, garden and playground. Ordinary place with ordinary exterior / interior. And using some items around them (such as broom). But I don’t feel the photos are bad, they’re all good! It’s all because the emotion inside it. They act just the way they are (I always love to see my brother’s silliness).

Enjoy the photo.. (33 photos)


Benny & Dewi Pre Wedding Photo

Pre Wedding Photo of my little brother, Benny and his wife, Dewi. Photo by his friend, Herry. I love every single of their photo.. They did it at the street and it was BRAVE for them both! Very unique. I always smile when I see their expression, so natural and lovely. There’s  a lot of … Continue reading

Valentine Party At Fitness First Pluit Village

Valentine’s Day is here !! A moment of love can be celebrate in various ways. Fitness First Pluit Village (FFPV) held a special event “Valentine Party” for 2 days, 15th – 16th February 2012. Special classes will be presented by FFPV’s GX. The first day is Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes and the next day are TRX & Muay Thai Challenge and Bodycombat™ Extended 90 minutes. Dresscode for this event is PINK. It’s gonna be fun.

FFPV also decorated the club with lovely ornaments, mostly pink heart, but in some corners we can see lovebirds origami, cupids, pink balloons and a lovely pink fat piggy. The staffs and personal trainers were wearing pink outfits, they’re looking good!

I’m gonna write about the first day event. Just like usual, before the class start. The members and friends were gathering to taking pictures. They joked and acted like lovers. All I can see is their happy smiling faces. My friend, Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) came out with a very cute costume, She got a Black Cat’s Ears Hairband, That’s CUTE !! I called her Catwoman. And Julius is a Ladies’ Man, All girl loves him ^_^ like James Bond.

Bodyjam™ vs Sh’bam® Extended 90 minutes class. It will be start at 7.15 pm. Instructors who will be teach are Anthony, Andika and me. We have arranged a great track list to get crazy on the dance floor. We’re also wearing pink but coincidentally with the same style of color and design. Our outfits have words on it. Anthony is “KEEP LAUGHING :)”, Andika is “NO LIES JUST LOVE” and mine is “BAD BOYFRIEND”  I think that’s cute!

We have arranged this extended class format:

  • Opening / Introduction
  • Bodyjam™ Part 1 by Dee
  • Sh’bam® Part 1 by Andika
  • Bodyjam™ Part 2 by Anthony
  • Sh’bam® Part 2 by Dee (Track 7 – 8), Andika (Track 9 – 10), Anthony (Track 11-12)
  • Quiz & Prizes for the Best Costume, Performance, Spirit
  • Photo Session
  • Closing

Now is 7.15 pm, LET START THE PARTAYYY !! We turn the music ON and let the members come in. It’s open house so we can see a lot of new faces in the class. It’s about 60 people !! WOW !! I opened the class with a short introduction then we start hit the floor with some Pop, Jungle and Hip Hop Bodyjam™ tracklist then continue with the fun part, The Sh’bam® with Andika that made us almost lose our breath. That’s just the first part! The second part was presented by Anthony with Bodyjam™ Latin & Jive mixed tracklist. The peak is Cha-Cha Heels track, a very massive cardio dance with Latin African style! That’s insane !!

A very smooth tipsy feel recovery after the Cha-Cha Heels , we back again to Sh’bam part 2. Andika did a very good job presenting track 9 from Sh’bam® 6 “Who Run The World” , taking all the people facing the mirror and dance. They look exactly the same like Beyonce’s music video. The peak of Sh’bam® start with “Party Rock Anthem” , Andika asked who requested this song. It’s David (a member of FFPV)! I pulled him up to the stage and we dance together! That’s a fun part !! We’re all shufflin’ everywhere till the end.

Finish! next track is Anthony, but too bad. He got a sprain in his ankle. So he need to stop for a while. Everyone’s worry about him. The show must go on, so I and Andika took over and present the last 2 remaining tracks. Yeay! Finally 90 minutes of party is over !! A lot of prizes and goodie bag from FFPV. We gave Goodie bags for Evelyn Widjaja (Jun Ki) for her Best Costume: The Cat (meow!); for a member who came far away from FF Grand Indonesia to FFPV just for joining the special class, Thanks for her appreciation (it’s a looooong way to go); For a New face member (I don’t know his name but I think he’s David’s friend) for his best performance and expression, David also received a goodie back for his energy dance on the stage. All the members got a special Valentine Chocolate Lollipop from Aurelia Lynda, The FFPV GX Manager. Everyone is happy. Then we’re having a photoshoot, a big family of Bodyjam™, Sh’bam® and Fitness First. Love you all !


  • CATJAM    


  • EVE EPE