Malaysia Trip 2013 (Part IV)

This is gonna be a short story.. It’s the last day of my trip at KL. Wah.. Dun wanna go home lar… so fun in here. Imagine to have a job just traveling, eat, play and sleep and get money.. ahh so good..

It’s Monday, Koko Mike is going to work, Abang takes leave and accompany us. In the morning, we pick up Sherline and went to China Town – Petaling Street. It’s a ‘MUST’ to go place. We’re having brunch at a foodcourt. I miss simple traditional chinese food, a lot of food varieties to choose, yummy. After finish having our breakfast, we started to walk along the street. Like always, I want to drink the Malaysia’s signature drink, Air Mata Kucing, so cool and soothing for this very hot day. FRESH! It’s still on Chinese New Year period, so some shops are not open. We went to some booth and bought ICE WATCH, hehe cheap! I regret I didn’t buy a lot, just Red and Pink. Next time, I’ll bought RAINBOW colors! Anthony bought some clothes for his staffs. It’s very hot and we tried another drink called KIM SOYA BEAN, quite nice.. but still air mata kucing and tembikai lychee are my favorite!



Next place we went is BERJAYA TOWN SQUARE. Anthony heard that our friends are there. So we’d like to meet and join them. Berjaya town square is a big mall and a lot of shopss. The item prices are quite cheap. We met Ririe and Sandy first when we shopping at a store. Then we’re all gathered. We’re shopping together, from clothes, souvenirs and food. Having lunch at Food Court and Nandos. Time is ticking fast.. and it’s time to go.. T^T


We separated in group. Sherline followed the other group and giving them a hugs. When she came back, She’s crying. Oww.. Is she so lonely ? Hope the best for her. Cheer up!! I think she’s really happy when we’re all came here at KL and stick together. Abang took me to KL Central, It’s the first time I’m gonna use bus to go to LCTT airport by my own.. worry-worry. Anthony will go back tomorrow.. (looks like I always depending on him..). Thank you abang for helping me. They accompany me until depart. Wah… now I’m going back, to airport and back to reality – JAKARTA!


In the plane, I met all again.. hahaha… We shared snacks and drinks. Took pictures until we reach Jakarta.

Selamat Datang di Jakarta.