Home for Family & Friends (Part II)

Good Morning!

The best thing to see in the morning right now is our Nephew Owen.


We are big family will go to have breakfast at my favorite restaurant – Dim Sum Ayong. I always happy to be here and enjoy the food and family gathering especially now with Owen. Cute baby!


“Delicious Dim Sum” , My all time favorite!



I think it’s Mid-Autumn Festival now, I can see the restaurant also sell Moon Cake and lanterns. The Lanterns has various design, such as dragon, fish, phoenix and even they have Crayon Shinchan and Minion design, very colorful hanging up to the ceiling. Min brought Owen along to see the lanterns, Owen seem interested with the lanterns.


Ben and Mom have some business to do, so just me, Wie, Min, Dewi and Owen together. We’re hanging out and shopping at the Sun Plaza, one of the biggest mall in Medan. We’re having lunch at Uncle K Kopi Tiam. Kopi Tiam is like our vocabulary to describe Coffee Shop but it more sound Asian! It has a big space for an Coffee Shop with nice design, very woody. It also sell foods like Roti Canai, Martabak, etc. Min said it always crowded in peak hours.


We ordered Iced Coffee, Es Cendol, Ambula Juice, Half Boiled Eggs with Toast, and Martabak Rendang. All are DELICIOUS! The Martabak Rendang is like pancake crepes with traditional coconut milk and spiced beef as the filling plus Curry Sauce, it’s so BIG, THICK and DELICIOUS! and It’s CHEAP! Fantastic!! I will come back again for this menu!



“Very deilicious and afforable! Very recommended!”


This is the funny part, Owen was crying and made us panic to calm him down. Dewi tried to give him milk but He didn’t want to drink milk. Maybe he want something different. We tried the iced coffee, Dewi used her finger to take a drop of iced coffee and let her son taste it. He calmed down, eyes open, his mouth chewing fast his mother finger, we laugh! He likes it! Sometime using spoon. Owen loves COFFEE!! He cried and wanted more.


After Ben and Mom have come to Sun Plaza, we’re gathered. We had early dinner at ZingDo – Korean Restaurant. All day only eat and eat and eat again. But it’s fun, love to see my family are so happy in every pictures that I captures, especially my mom, happy grandma!


“I’m really happy to see my mom smile like this..” Cute Owen.


Happy Papi 😀


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Home – July 2012 (Part II) BONUS

Some photos from my own digital camera that I would like to share. Some photo capture love and laughter. It’s good to see them. I wish my brother and Dewi live happily ever after.

  • Photo with Aunties after the preparation and waiting for the Bride & Groom 
  • The Models Wannabe 
  • One Family 
  • Husband & Wife 


Home – July 2012 (Part I)

I’m going Home again.. The main purpose is attending Benny, my little brother’s Wedding with his wife, Dewi. I’m the big bro, have to come and congratulate them. Wedding date is July 12th, 2012 and the Wedding reception is July 14th, 2012. I’m so happy.

July 9th, 2012 – Monday

Just a short day, off from the office then take the flight at 5.50 PM with Citilink. Arrive to Medan, then picked up by my Mom and Min, my 2nd sister. Then we have a dinner at Asia Megamas (I’ve been here before and write it in my previous blog). Order some my favorite foods, such as Green Chilly Fried Pork and Grilled Stingray fish. Delicious!


July 10th, 2012 – Tuesday

Early morning go to the wet market with Mom and Wie (my big sister). I’ve read a blog with wet market photo, they seem great so I try to capture some photo too. My mom bought some pork, vegetables and eggs for dinner.

We have breakfast at Mie Pangsit A KHUN, It’s delicious.. I love it! There’s a lot of things to do for the wedding preparation. We went to SELECTA to register and reconfirm for the wedding reception hall and party, then go to SPOSA for my Mom, Wie and Min’s night gown fitting. The night gown is finally done and they seem nice. After that we’re going home with my aunties. On the journey, we’re having Satay for dinner.


July 11th, 2012 – Wednesday

Wake up and having breakfast. My mom seems busy preparing the food for family gathering tonight. I found out that my formal shirt is too dark and my mom asked me to buy the new one with brighter color. Benny also asked me to design Carwash voucher for the lucky prizes at the wedding reception. It’s all done. Just for ya, brother!

I always love the family gathering dinner. Delicious foods, chattering and laughters. Thank you Mom, for the spicy beef. (drool….!)

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Home 2012 Part III

Good morning! I woke up and had my breakfast, Mom’s Homemade Ba Cang, Ahh this is my favorite food. Usually I bought it but now finally I can eat my own mother’s handmade after waiting for so long. So delicious !!

It’s a good cloudy weather. We have to go to the cemetery for Qingming Festival. There’s a lot of offerings, fruits and foods to bring there. We prayed our father and ancestors. Burning paper gifts for the departed. It’s an oppurtunity to remember and honour them.

After finish, we’re back home and go visiting our relatives. Then we’re going to the marketplace to buy the ingredients for dinner. My mother’s going to cook seafood for me. She knew I loved seafood. She bought some fishes and prawns. We saw ‘Udang Galah’ (Big headed prawn / King Prawn), It’s very delicious (especially the head). We seldom eat this king prawn. It costed IDR 150.000/kg. My mom asked me Did I want it ?, too expensive.. I said no, but they knew I want it because they notice whenever I called them I always mention King Prawn for dinner when I’m in Jakarta, so my sister kindly buy it for me. Wew.. I’m touched! For 1 kg, we got 5 Great Prawns.

Go back home and my mom’s starting to cook. We also invite Ben’s fiance, Dewi and our close friends. Hmmm, what do we have here ? Check it out!

And it’s also the perfect time to enjoy the delicious durian pancake that I bought from Medan… mmmm~

The best part is the family gathering, dinner at the same table, chattering and take a lot of silly photos. It makes us feel young and happy. A lot of laughter and joy. Delicious foods, Happy Family..


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