A Boy in Barcelona (Part I)

Hatyai – South Thailand is the most distant overseas trip I ever experienced. And now I’m receiving a call from my brother, Ben. “Ko, You wanna go Barcelona ?” He asked. I can’t believe what I’ve just heard, seriously? How ?? Like a dream..This Barcelona trip is from Prudential Insurance.  He said that our late father has achieved the PRUflyer points more than 300 points. For those who achieve this point will get a FREE trip to Barcelona at May 2013 for a PRUflyer or  a non-Prudential agent. My brother can’t go because he’s an agent and waiting for his wife to giving birth in April. And I just WOW! Really ?? I still can’t believe it. And of course I answer YES. It’s Barcelona – It’s SPAIN – It’s EUROPE!! OMG so FARRR…

It’s a FREE trip but it has a lot of procedures, registrations and documents to be complete. It’s kinda exhausted. But have to! From the Prudential office at Kota Kasablanka to the Panorama Tour office. I feel so glad when It’s all finish.. I just need to pay for the VISA, but still a little bit worried if it’s rejected, but the Panorama Tour said that I don’t have to worry, because I’m with Prudential. huff..

Yup! The date is set. I’m with Star Club 2013 – Batch B: May 5th – May 11th 2013. I’m so excited and also nervous.. First time alone with Prudential agents that I don’t know in a faraway country. Oh well..Just enjoy!! There always something first in life. It’s gonna be OK!

And I’m so nervous to prepare and making list for my packing stuff. Make sure every things I need to be well prepared. I made a long list what to bring with a little doodles..(cute). I think this is gonna be useful in the future if someday I’ll go travelling again.. or maybe you can remind me what’s missing?


To summary: Primary items to bring – The most important things of course the money, passport + visa, ticket. Camera is the greatest equipment to capture every moments, I bought SONY DSC RX-100 for this moment, It’s a great camera. Phone to keep in touch with family and friends, but I need Wi-Fi service.. Bring my best shirt to wear, so it can help us look nice in the pictures, hahaha… Toiletries might be optional because sometime you can use toiletries in the hotel..

I love to bring a journal book to write down what I felt, what I ate, what I experienced, where I went into doodle and story.. and also put some little flyer into it. I found this special journal book in the book store, quite expensive, but It was really a nice book.


I cherish the memory and it’s precious for me. 🙂