A Boy in Barcelona (Part II)

May 5th 2013, Sunday

Yep.. this is the day.. finally has come. I still worry about my baggage. My friend, Bo, helped me to recheck my stuffs and he will take me to the airport. Before going there, we went Central Park to have a brunch and exchange more Euro. After that off we go straight to the airport.


He only dropped me and I’m waiting at Old Town White Coffee in the airport sipping my tea and start writing my journal. I have to meet the Panorama Tour Leader, Daisy Djauhari at 4.30 pm at the assembly point. I met her, a very fierce woman but reliable! There’s a lot of people there. We will going to Barcelona together. Every one will receive a package bag from Prudential, inside are Jacket, Soccer Shirt, Ulos, Umbrella. I’m usually happy receiving gift or goodie bag, but this time.. UGH! So many thing to squished inside my little bag coz my baggage is already inside the plane before I received this package bag.. Only 1 bag with 7 kg weight allowed to bring in the plane,….  Frustated! Squish – squishhh! 


We’re going to Barcelona by KLM airline. They said it’s a very good airline.. well this is my first time and probably this is gonna be my most exclusive plane I ever sat on. We departed at 6.50 pm (Indonesia time) go to Kuala Lumpur for Transit. It’s about 1:30 hours and we transit for about 30 – 45 minutes and off to continue to a very loooonggg flight to Amsterdam for 12:15 hours. Ewww… It’s the first and longest time I ‘fly’ …

191 KLM


The flight was very smooth… no turbulence at all.. Almost all the passengers are Prudential agents. the man who sat next to me is Derry Kurnia, He will be my roommate. I like KLM :D. I love the food, I got 2 dinners – Nasi Padang and Nasi Kuning, They’re delicious! I surprised they served WINE ♥, Ahhhh I love it!!! Terra Andina 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon – Merlot from Chile, 12 %, The red wine is sweet..  I wanna drink it again. Love love love!


It’s a long long long journey.. Watching the flight tracking on the seat screen. I amazed how a super giant steel can fly such a looooonnnggg distance. Corner to corner.. Curvy line – Kuala Lumpur – Amsterdam. KLM also has the video/movie service, I watched Hansel & Gretel and Mulan in the plane, entertaining :D. Start sleepy.. sometimes feel good but sitting for too long make my body ache especially my butt.. painful hahaha… need stretching once a while in the plane.. crack!

OK.. let’s sleep.. tomorrow..we will arrive at Amsterdam.

Good Night..


Dee’s Handmade Wine Juice

Do you still remember this ?


It’s been 3 months and now the wait is over! It’s time to open the jar. I was afraid that I fail to make it. When I open the can, I can smell the alcoholic aroma. I’m happy.. I picked one grape and ate it, it was a hard texture fruit with alcoholic taste (grape supposed to be soft), then I scooped the wine juice, hmm nice color.. and I tasted it, yummy.. so fruity just a little bit sweet. I don’t know about the alcohol rate.. I doubt whether there is alcohol content in it because it’s so natural by using only fruits and sugar.

I moved the content into a pot, then strained the wine juice into a glass tumbler (happy to found this glass tumbler, it has a good design and it’s SALE, haha) leaving the grape fruits left in the pot. It only filled half of the glass tumbler. I crushed all the grape fruits to produce the juice more. Yay! It’s FULL now!  The wine juice kinda dense texture (full-bodied), so It’s better to sip a little then ‘chew’ it, the aroma will come out filling the whole mouth and nose, then drink it all, end up with a spicy flavor. mmmmm It’s really yummy!!

I gave the sample for my friends, they said it’s too sweet! The smell was very soft but they seem like it. They said try to keep it more period (time), maybe it might be better, stronger flavor and aromatic.

I think I’m gonna make it again.. cheers!


  • Deep red color, very fruity and sweet at the lips finishes with spicy flavor. Full bodied. Soft alcoholic aroma.
  • Alcohol: unknown
  • Period: 19th February 2012 (Made) – 19th May 2012 (Finish)
  • Volume: 1 kg Grapes + 1/4 kg Sugar = ± 1,2 liter